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These interviews will equip you with the skills and strategies that will help you...

  • Identify if you had childhood trauma or abuse

  • Recognize how it affected you and how you can recover

  • Understand how you can improve your health and your adult life relationships

  • Learn how start loving and trusting yourself

  • Free yourself from toxic people and relationships forever

  • And much more…

Event Interviews

    1. Susun Weed - Green Your Brain and Smile

    2. Lisa A Romano - Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

    3. Riana Milne - Are you Dating a Narcissist? How Your Past Determines Your Future Parent Selection

    4. Michelle Chalfant - Healing from Narcissistic Abuse through The Adult Chair Model

    5. Maureen St. Germain - How to heal and harmonize with Narcissists in your Life

    6. Talya Lutzker - There's Nothing Wrong with You

    7. Anneke Lucas - Healing Trauma: The Empowerment Revolution

    8. Tanya Penny - Healing Your Original Narc Wounds

    9. Dr. Christina Bjorndal - Beyond the Label

    10. Karen Alleyne-Means - Why Did She Stay

    11. Elisabeth Manning - Setting Inner Child Free: Breaking the Chains for Good to Reclaim Joy

    12. Brad Yates - Tapping into Self-Care

    13. Dawson Church - Using EFT to Heal Emotional Trauma

    14. Dr. David Berceli - Using the Body's natural Tremor mechanism to reduce stress.

    15. Sherry Gaba - Love Addiction, Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

    16. Dr. Jane Cox - Dysfunctional Cycles of Narcissistic Abuse

    17. Krystalya Marie - The Power of Self-Love for Healing Trauma

    18. Bobbi Parish - Trauma Recovery: From Psychiatric Ward to Executive Boardroom

    19. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler - Freeing Yourself from a Crazy-Making Relationship

    20. Jessica Beebe - The Art & Science of Manifesting Results

    21. Svava Brooks - Journey to the Heart

    22. Jeanine Staples - How to Love YOU More

    23. Elizabeth St Germain - Loving Yourself Free of Trauma

    24. Pi Venus Winslow - The Heroine’s Journey

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