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These interviews will equip you with the skills and strategies that will help you...

  • Break through the barriers of being stuck in unresolved past trauma

  • Take charge of your life and relationships

  • Learn how start loving and trusting yourself

  • Free yourself from toxic people and relationships forever

  • Release the pain of the past and claim the power of your future

  • And much more…

Event Interviews

    1. INTRO: How To Navigate Your Content Player

    2. Mark Waldman - Trauma, Brain Networks, & Optimal Psychological Health

    3. Dr. Carrie Lam - Whole Body's Response To Stress and How to Heal From it

    4. Lauren Walker - Trauma Healing Tools with EMYoga

    5. Todd Pressman - Deconstructing Anxiety: Cracking the Code of the 5 Core Fears

    6. Vennie Kocsis - Narcissism In Cult Dynamics

    7. Barbara Rubel - Palette of Grief®: Tips for Managing Traumatic Loss

    8. Patrick Porter - Brain Fitness Breakthroughs Moving Beyond Trauma and Abuse

    9. Susan Anderson - Primal Abandonment: The Source of Codependency and Negative Narcissism

    10. Lynn Fraser - Safe In Our Body In The Present Moment

    11. Debbie Mirza - The Difference Between a Covert and Overt Narcissist and Important Steps that will Help you Reclaim Your Power and Self-Worth

    12. Zeeba Khan - How to Move Through Trauma with Holistic Ayurvedic Healing

    13. Laura Charanza - The Road to Healing - Three Crucial Steps in Recovery

    14. Marquita Johnson - Healing Relationship Trauma

    15. Dr Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zentall Weaver - Ignite Your Relationship

    16. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John - Overcoming Addiction After Abuse

    17. Sherry Gaba, LCSW - The Link between Toxic Relationships, Codependency, Love Addiction and Trauma

    18. Donna Andersen - Maybe you're not codependent - you're traumatized

    19. Carista Luminare - Confused about Love? Get Clear. Be Wise. Feel Secure.

    20. Cindy Benezra - Survivor tools for working with a narcissistic or living with one.

    21. Vikki Stark - Rebuilding Hope When your Life has been Shattered by Wife Abandonment

    22. AJ Gajjar - Why you are Not able to Co-parent with your Narcissistic Ex

    23. Janine Naus - The Connection Between Trauma and Narcissistic Abuse: 5 Steps to Moving Past Trauma

    24. Nichole Myles - From Survivorship to Thrivorship: How trauma can transform our lives

    25. Bree Bonchay - Overcoming Chronic & Persistent Cognitive Dissonance

    26. Sherrie Campbell - Healing from Toxic Family Abuse

    27. Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg

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