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These interviews will equip you with the skills and strategies that will help you...

  • Break through the barriers of being stuck in unresolved past trauma

  • Take charge of your life and relationships

  • Learn how start loving and trusting yourself

  • Free yourself from toxic people and relationships forever

  • Release the pain of the past and claim the power of your future

  • And much more…

Event Interviews

    1. Tina Swithin - Healing through Advocacy

    2. Riana Milne, MA - How to Fix Love Addiction, Codependency, Anxiety & Love Trauma

    3. Daralyse Lyons - From Adversity to Diversity: How Embracing Ourselves and Each Other Heals Hearts and Changes Minds

    4. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal - Trauma, Homeopathy, EMDR, Gestalt, Family Constellations

    5. Zoe Parsons - Steps to Reclaiming Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse

    6. Borut Lesjak - Love Yourself Through Abuse

    7. Dr. George Simon - Reclaiming Oneself After A Relationship With A Character-Disturbed Person

    8. Lucia Gabriela - Awakening The Wiser Self - An Inner Archetype Journey

    9. Leah Hadley - Empowering Yourself Financially

    10. Ronia Fraser - The Keys to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

    11. Wendy Hernandez - Trusting the People on "Your Team" After Your Toxic Relationship

    12. Annie Kaszina - The Most Useful Lessons to Learn

    13. Shayel Naava - Recognizing a Healthy Relationship

    14. Avalaura Gaither - Know your Worth: Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

    15. Jason Prall - Health Optimization for Longevity

    16. Kathy Picard - Silent Child to Strong Voice Thriving Adult

    17. Sian Hill - Breaking The Cycle: How Trauma Gets Passed Down To Our Children and How We and They Can Heal Together

    18. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD PhD - Two-Eyed Seeing and Trauma

    19. Emilia Nagy, B. Sc. CMC - You Can Surrender And Trust SAFE people

    20. Caroline Dawson - Healing the Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse in the Workplace with Matrix Reimprinting

    21. Guy Macpherson - Authenticity in Healing

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