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These interviews will equip you with the skills and strategies that will help you...

  • Identify how unresolved childhood trauma keeps us stuck

  • Take charge of your life and relationships

  • Learn how start loving and trusting yourself

  • Free yourself from toxic people and relationships forever

  • Release the pain of the past and claim the power of your future

  • And much more…

Event Interviews

    1. Richard Schwartz – Making Peace With Your Parts

    2. Tracy Malone – Understanding Your Fear Triggers

    3. Sam Vaknin – Narcissism Reconceived and Treated: Cold Therapy and Beyond

    4. Sarah Peyton – Family Constellations for the Reclamation of Self

    5. Dr. Lisa Cooney – Living Radically Alive: Trusting After Trauma

    6. Candace Plattor – Narcissism & Codependency: What’s ‘Love’ Got to Do with It?

    7. Susan Ball – Own Your Story

    8. Stacy Brookman – Leverage Tough Stories to Become More Resilient

    9. Iris Benrubi – Why You Pick and Identify Toxic Partners

    10. Dr. Joe Rubino – The Importance of High Self-Esteem in Recovering from Abuse

    11. Sharmi Gowri-Kriszyk – What Are Your Triggers Telling You?

    12. Andi Fetzner – Trusting Yourself After Trauma

    13. Ameé Quiriconi – Do We Attract Narcissists or Is It Self-Sabotage?

    14. Cherie Doyen – Goodbye Shame: Busting out of Narcissistic Abuse

    15. Teri Wellbrock – From Trauma to Triumph: A Story of Hope

    16. Jeffrey Rutstein – Exiting the Trance of Shame - How to Restore Trust in Yourself to Restore Trust in Others

    17. Jane Evans – Why You Can’t Rationalize Your Way Out of Trauma

    18. Sandra Marinella – Writing to Heal and Transform

    19. Joseph P. Ghabi – Do We Attract Trauma?

    20. Shari Botwin – Healing Time Creates Resiliency

    21. Carla Romo – Break Free From Codependency

    22. Tanya Gaum – Sexual Consent (or lack there of) in Narcissistic Relationships

    23. Veronica Anderson – Ensoulment: Purity, Paradox, and Presence

    24. Susan Stiffelman - Present Parenting – Healing Whole Families

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